Wearing a chambray shirt

Wearing a chambray shirt

Overview of Chambray

A Chambray is a soft fabric usually of light blue or white color. It is used to make a variety of clothing raging from shirts to dresses. Contrary to popular belief, a chambray shirt is not only suitable for work but also for school, play, going to the bar for drinks and other informal or formal situations. It is also comfortable and versatile which makes it a must have piece of clothing in your closet!

The professional look

The best part about chambray is that it works everywhere. Whether it is an office meeting or a debate session, a chambray shirt can play a crucial role in determining one’s professional look. Indigo with a hint of gray would be the ideal color scheme. Moreover, the shirt should be fitted but not too skinny which would make it easier to wear under a blazer (depending on the situation). Elbow patches on the shirt would surely be an extra design detail that would make it stand out and give it the required ‘X Factor’.

The casual look

On the other hand, a chambray shirt can be worn as casual attire as well. A combination with dark denim jeans would give a sharp and casual look. It can even be worn casually with a sweater or suit. Shades would fit along perfectly as well. If you plan to go the beach, it would be completely appropriate to wear the shirt along with shorts or khakis especially if you roll up your sleeves as well.

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