Warm and cozy dress: tweed suit

Warm and cozy dress: tweed suit

Tweed suits are used to dress up for casual clothing by Irish and British country people. If you look at tweed closely you will see that tweed cloth is made up of compact weaving pattern that imparts durability to this fabric. Tweed suit withstand with extreme weathers well because the woolen fabric of tweed is very warm and cozy.

Introduction and use of tweed suit

The credit of introducing tweed to fashion industry goes to the people of Scotland. The incident behind origination of name tweed is interesting. A little misspelling of tweel to tweed being thought to pertinent to Tweed River led to the name tweed cloth. It was tweel fabric which means that the fabric was weaved to have a diagonal parallel ridges.

Using tweed jacket for your smart look

If you desire to go eclectic with your look then try tweed jacket to tweak your look. You need not to be color conscious for leg wear or trousers instead you can do much experimentation. However black and deep blue shades contain so much versatility in themselves that they can complement almost any shade and color of tweed jacket. If you already possess some nice denim jeans then you can have a heroic look for yourself. You can have your customized tweed jacket from your favorite designer or you can even browse online for countless suppliers offering tweed jacket with much reasonable prices. To entice your look further also pay due consideration to your foot wear as footwear definitely depicts your personality.

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