Vera wang dresses for wedding and evening parties

Vera wang dresses for wedding and evening parties

Vera Wang occupies a respectable position among the top notch designers of American fashion industry. It is the dream of every girl to wear Vera Wang dresses on her wedding day. Many celebrities have spotted wearing Vera Wang dresses on their special days. Other than wedding occasions Hollywood celebrities are just crazy for Vera’s dresses since they are perfectly styled and are filled with quality and uniqueness.

Other diversifications of Vera Wang

Origination of Vera’s work dates back to her own wedding. Unlike other brides she decided to carve her own outfit in her own style and hired a dressmaker for execution. The successful execution of her bridal dress and stable financial support enabled her to launch her own boutique. The art of equalizing conventional elegance with modern designs and cuts are the distinctive features of her work. Although Vera Wang is mainly popular for her bridal gowns however she has also marked great success in other fashion fields like eyewear, fragrance, footwear and home collection. She is undoubtedly a talented and versatile lady and one of the leading fashion gurus in fashion industry. Other products have also grabbed massive attention and secured huge admiration worldwide. Currently 55 stores showcase her collection.


Price and high budget is generally associated with designer products. However Vera Wang frees you from gut wrenching high prices. Affordability is her forte. Now ladies can fearlessly enjoy bridal gowns in a very affordable pricing ranging from 600$-1400$.

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