Types of swimsuit cover-ups

Types of swimsuit cover-ups

Summer is perhaps one of the best season people living in sub-polar and temperate regions love to welcome. As much as most women love swimming during this time, it is still prudent to cover up and not showcase your stuff for all and sundry to see while going out to swim. Here are a few types of swimsuit cover ups one can use.

  • Sarongs

Sarongs are pieces of clothing that can be worn in many ways. Also known as the Pareos, Sarongs offer versatility in swimsuit cover up. It can be tied around the waist to cover the hips, thighs and legs, which are the most common problem areas for women, or it can be tied stylishly around the neck, flowing down to give the wearer a graceful silhouette.

  • Caftans

Made from free flowing materials and oversized in make, caftans are a great swimsuit cover ups for plus size women. The free flowing material is rather long, reaching down to the ankles in some cases. A belt can also be worn with this to accentuate the waist and get a slimming look.

  • Tunics

Tunics are fast becoming a favorite among many women today, perhaps even more that the long standing sarongs. They are loose fitting and reach down to the mid-thigh, and are made of sheer or light material such as silk, cotton or cheesecloth. This makes the piece rather transparent creating a sexy look for the wearer.

  • Rompers

Rompers are a great piece to have for cover-ups at the beach. It combines a short and top together to make s stylish outfit. This piece is definitely for those who are confident with their body and want to show off great legs and shoulders.

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