Tips on wearing suspenders for women

Tips on wearing suspenders for women

Suspenders are an old accessory that was used in place of belts, since trouser makes during those days made it impractical for one to wear a belt. They become very popular during most of the latter years of the 1800s, but the introduction of belts during the World War II led to its decreased popularity. Today, few men wear the suspenders, with creative designers revolutionizing the accessory from its basic function of holding up pants to a fashion accessory, which now includes suspenders for women. A few tips on how best to wear them for women are shared in this article.

Wear with Dress Pants

Suspenders can work very well when worn with dress pants. This look is however rather business casual, and wouldn’t be taken seriously in formal business attire. You can thus wear it to those casual business occasions over a button down shirt.

Wear with Shorts

A truly impressive look when worked out correctly. Almost any type of shorts can be worn with suspenders. Nautical and high-waisted shorts are highly recommended for this look. You can wear with a tank top or even a nice fitting T-Shirt.

Wear with Jeans

This look doesn’t always turn heads, but it is worth trying. This look doesn’t go well with high heels or pumps, but with sneakers or loafers, mostly casual shoes.

Wear with Skirts

This is perhaps the most feminine way of wearing the suspenders for women. A T-Shirt can be worn with this look, with sandals being the most preferred footwear.

Tips: Try matching your suspenders color with the color of your skirt or dress pants. Use feminine accessories to complete the look and use footwear that is appropriate for the look. Also check whether you want the Y-back suspenders or the X-back suspenders, the type of material that suits your fabric and also whether you will go for the buttoned or strapped suspenders.

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