The Various Types Of Athletic Shoes

The Various Types Of Athletic Shoes

There are types of almost every single thing in this world, when you go to a store to buy a simple clothing for your upper body, then you also have to select from the various types, for example, polo necks, high necks, low necks, T-shirts or simple full sleeve shirts. Similarly, shoes also have their types, mainly they are divided into two types which are casual and formal. The category of casual shoes also houses athletic shoes, but it is not finished just here. Athletic footwear also has its types and kinds which is what we will discuss here.

Track Shoes

Track shoes are also sometimes known as field shoes, these are one of the many types of athletic shoes and has its own purpose. These shoes do not have regular flat soles instead they have spiked or studded so that it is comfortable while playing and grips the ground firmly, but also detaches easily. Track or field shoes are normally used by people who are really into playing baseball, football or soccer.

Tennis and Volleyball Shoes

Tennis and Volleyball shoes are popular with the name of court shoes, this is because both of the games are played in small areas or “courts”. Apart from tennis and volleyball these shoes are also used in all other games which are played in a court. Courts are normally a little slippery that is why when you are buying court shoes it is important that you pick the one which has a distinctive sole, has a firm grip, is light weight and responds quickly during the game.

All In One Athletic Shoes

This category includes a wide variety of shoes which are used in many games and sports. These shoes are absolutely perfect for recreational sports like jogging, walking, hiking and running. The shoes in this category are very strong and have a high shock absorption, so that the user of the shoe does not get hurt.

Cross Trainer Shoes

Cross trainer shoes are also known as all purpose shoes, these shoes can almost be used in each every kind of sport. They provide great balance and, support and cushioning, apart from this cross trainer shoes are also flexible and light weight. These shoes allow the person to easily play different sports without having to change his shoes whether it be jogging, running or playing tennis.

These were some of the most popular types of athletic shoes. It is important to know all the types of shoes so that when you are actually buying the shoes you know exactly what you are purchasing and buying it with utmost satisfaction, contentment and happiness.

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