The summer shorts rules for women

The summer shorts rules for women

Summer shorts have come a long way in creating a style statement. These are no longer limited to wearing when the temperature is rising. The style has been adopted by the fashion world and works well for a lot of occasions. You can try to create the look that you want by pairing summer shorts appropriately. Here are a few styles that you can experiment with your summer shorts.

City summer shorts

Whether you are on a beach or attending an event, you can never go wrong with city summer shorts. These don’t just offer sophisticated looks, but when paired with a crisp white linen shirt can make you look nothing less than glamorous. For nailing the look, you can consider pairing these with brogues, buttoned-up shirt and a blazer. The preppy look will make you look like a diva wherever you go.

Skater shorts

Skater summer shorts are quite popular. The baggy, printed, low-slung and wide-cut short styles are doing rounds in the fashion world. Recently, Rihanna popularized the tiger stripes skater short. This has become a favorite amongst the women hitting the pool sides. You can consider pairing these with shades, high tops and a T-shirt.

Leather shorts

Who hasn’t heard of leather shorts? These have become a rage in the fashion world. These are quite a favorite amongst the celebrities as they are seen flaunting these quite often. These are quite popular during summer and also a classic choice. You can consider wearing these with boots and a T-shirt for the right look.

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