The meaning of blue wedding dresses

The meaning of blue wedding dresses

Different cultures will have different colors for wedding gowns which will also covey different meanings to the occasion. In western cultures, for example wedding dresses were strictly to be worn in the color white. The color signified perfection, purity and wholeness. Over the years, newer trends have emerged where the color white is being replaced by other colors which also convey some meaning not just of the occasion, but also of the person wearing the dress.

Blue wedding dress meaning

There have been some positive meanings drawn from choosing to wear the blue color for the wedding dress.  The book of love by K. C. Jones, states that:

Married in blue, you will always be true.

The color blue generally has been said to be symbolic of youth, peace, tranquility and spirituality. Personalities that are associated with the blue color are often compassionate, soft and caring. They can also be conscientious, patient and sensitive.

Using the Meanings in Your Wedding Dress

For those brides who wish to have the blue wedding dress for their gown, consider the following:

  • The persona of reliability, order and direction will mean that you will take the planning of your wedding seriously, ensuring that your guests attend a perfectly planned wedding.
  • Conscientiousness means that you will thoroughly think things through carefully before coming to a conclusion. This will be important in the stability of your marriage.
  • Peace and tranquility will be of importance in your marriage, thus you will endeavor to uphold this. You will thus be able to live according to your ideals and principles without being swayed about by other people’s opinions.

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