The impressive mens pea coat

The impressive mens pea coat

The name has nothing to do with the vegetable “pea”.  A pea coat is the term used to refer to the over coat worn by men. It traces its origin to the over coat worn by sailors of the European and American navies.

What is a Pea coat?

The pea coat is a top coat usually made of heavy wool. The cloth used to make the cloth was referred to as P- cloth short for “pilot” and the jacket made from it came to be known as the P-jacket. They are typified by the front overlapping broad collars, large fasteners and vertical slashed pockets. They were designed to help protect the sailors against the elements.

Deckhand to debonair

The rugged, woolen, Navy blue coat worn by the sailors including the deckhands has now found favor among the designers and fashionistas. The unchanged design of the pea coat packs in functionality and durability while being aesthetic. It is a coat of medium length and covers the backside while providing ease of movement. It is a close fitting coat with broad shoulders and narrow waist (reportedly even when worn unbuttoned) and is characterized by a double breasted lapel with two overlapping layers that contribute to preserving warmth and preventing heat loss due to the cold winds. Another classic feature is its overturn able convertible collar to protect from cold winds. It is embellished with large brass or wooden buttons giving it a distinctive appearance. It is versatile enough to be worn over a suit, or jeans and chunky boots, and look the dashing debonair.

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