The fashionable pirate boots

The fashionable pirate boots

The pirate fashion costumes have always been popular and fascination among the people as it is adventurous to sport the costumes. One such indispensable item to create the perfect pirate look is the pirate boots.

Symbol of fashion among the pirates

The pirates of the medieval time period wore these pirate boots that were made of different types of leather that were strong and sturdy. They always chose short heeled or flat boots during their long sea voyages which were useful for them in dangerous battles they fought in the sea. The pirate clothing was created out of necessity of the pirates and suited the lifestyle of those men. The pirate boots still continue to be a craze among men today.

The pirate boots today can be found in a number of materials like latex, vinyl, silk and polyester micro-fibre in addition to the typical leather made boots. Also the height of the heel in the boots differs from flat heels to more than three inches in height. The styles of heels range from chunky to metal spikes.

Unique style of fashion

The pirates were known to have had a unique sense of style and fashion which was evident from their boots and clothing they wore. The pirates wore shirts that were loose fit, frilly and drooping shouldered that further added to the raw look of the pirates. The other types of accessories that were used by the pirates were chains, knitted caps, earrings, braids, bracelets, pendants, etc.

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