The comfort to be enjoyed with penny loafers

The comfort to be enjoyed with penny loafers

Penny Loafers are low lace less shoes which can just be slipped on. The style is that of a moccasin and they were used as casual wear in America but currently they have become very popular with lounge suits. Another design of Penny Loafers introduced in Norway was known as   Auriandskoen. They are used for many occasions and come in many colors and designs. They have tassels in the front or metal decorations. A slip-on which is less casual is made with side gussets and is called a dress loafer. It is made in the shape of lace-up Oxfords but do not have laces. These shoes have inserts on the side which are elasticized. These shoes remain snugly fit when worn but can be easily removed. The cut of the  Penny loafers is  very popular in Britain.

How Penny Loafers became popular?

A Shoe company located in London around 1847 made the first Penny loafers as country house shoes for the Royal family and the landed gentry. These shoes were made  by Raymond Lewis Wildsmith of Wildsmith Shoes for King George VI as a casual house shoe. Subsequently these shoes were made and sold by other shoe companies as ‘Harrow.’

How the style of Penny Loafers changed with time?

This scholarly looking style is still popular with lawyers in Britain.  In Wilton Maine a Boot maker called G.H.Bass  started  making loafers under the name of Weejuns. These loafers had a distinctive strip of  leather across the saddle with a diamond cutout to be worn in summer but it became very popular in America and formed part of casual shoe wardrobe.

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