Tennis shoes – buying guide

Tennis shoes – buying guide

Tennis is one of the most competitive sport, which involves long hours of playing. If it’s indoors, it could be less straining, however, if its outdoors, it could get very stressful, especially if the temperatures are high. Today most of the games are played indoors, however, a minority of the games are still played on different surfaces. Considering the high demand of the sport in terms of energy and stamina, one needs to ensure that one is comfortable to bring out their best play. This is ensured by having the best tennis shoes for the respective person. Shoes give a lot of cushioning and traction to the feet, which help in improving one’s speed while preventing injuries. Buying appropriate tennis shoes is not easy. There are many factors to be kept in mind, before deciding to buy one.

Here are the three most important factors to consider, while buying tennis shoes.

The surface

It’s important to know which surface one is going to play on. The three surfaces where tennis is played are synthetic turf, grass and clay. Each surface has the right tennis shoes designed specifically to be played on. The shoe that works on one surface will not work for the other.

The feet

The type of feet one has also plays a major role in buying the right tennis shoes. People have different alignment of feet depending on where the maximum weight distribution is. It is necessary that one buys the shoes based on this to prevent injuries.

The body

Finally the type of body plays a major role in buying the right shoe. For example, the shoe type for heavy and lean players differ in terms of the amount of cushion and support provided in the shoe.

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