Taking care of your sheepskin boots with these simple tips

Taking care of your sheepskin boots with these simple tips

What are Sheepskin boots?

As the name suggests, sheepskin boots are boots that are made using sheepskin. These are primarily used because of the wool on sheepskin that has great insulating properties. Boots such as these are most suitable for areas where it is cold, since they are warm. If you think that these are just a recent thing- then you will be shocked to know that sheepskin boots have not been around for just a few hundred years, but they have been used since 500 B.C! If you too are wearing sheepskin boots or own a pair, then knowing how to take care of them is also important.

Top tips to take care of your sheepskin boots

The first thing that you must ensure is that you use water along with a stain repellent the moment you take your sheepskin boots out of the box. This will prevent any stains from coming on to it, and keep the dirt away. You should never let your boots get soaked in water or melted snow, since this will not only leave stains, but also weaken the boots’ and make them out of shape.

Do not place your boots near any direct heat source, since this will not only fade the color, but also make the material brittle and dry. Every time you brush your boots, use nothing apart from a soft brush. Wire or stiff brushes will leave permanent scratches on the shoes.

Your sheepskin boots can last for a long time and look fantastic provided you just follow the simple tips given above!

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