Style guide for sun hats for men

Style guide for sun hats for men

With summer approaching, it is time to take out the sunglasses and hats to create a style statement. Sun hats for men have taken a stylish turn in the recent years. One can try out various styles to find out the one that best suits their personality. Here is how to pick the best sun hats for men for this summer.

The bucket hat

The bucket hats make a trendy option when it comes to summers. These are crafted from tweed or wool. These have come a very long way when it comes to fashion. These go well with street wear outfits. Whether one is wearing an oversize tee or printed vests, pairing a bucket hat with the outfit makes a cool style statement. You can never go wrong sporting a bucket hat with board shorts and short-sleeved shirts. These are summer specific and fade off once the cooler months set in.

Suitability of bucket hats

A plethora of sizes and designs are available when it comes to the bucket hats. Men with round or short faces need to be careful as these hats feature a front brim that is wide. Take out some time and experiment with a variety of styles before purchasing these hats to flaunt in summer. It is better to invest in a wool or cotton hat. There are many hats that come with contrasts stitching panels. You can as well opt for muted shades instead of prints. Bold hues make excellent choices during the summer season. Do not jump into buying anything because it is trending during the season. Experiment a bit and pick a design that suits you well.

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