Selecting wedge shoes that best fit your legs

Selecting wedge shoes that best fit your legs

If you are not the type of stiletto girl but still wants to benefit from high heels height-elongating effects, wedge shoes are the way to go. They have an amazing chic with an outstanding comfort. They are cherished for their sexiness while worn casually.

If your ankles and calves are somewhat thicker, wedge shoes are the most recommended since the size and shape of the heels are way better with the scale of thicker ankles and calves. That doesn’t mean that anybody else cannot wear them. All you have to do is to find out which type best fits you.

Wedge style

Wedge shoes are available in plenty of styles and colors. The main styles are the boots, sandals and high heels. Each of the styles also come in different designs including pumps, open toe, bootie, gladiator sandals and platform.  Research into each of the styles to know one that best fits you.


The height to go for definitely depends on the pain threshold of your feet. However, most wedge shoes are very comfortable considering that they have a smooth sole and heel. 1-2” heels are perfect with casual denim shorts. 3-4” heels are chic and sophisticated but might not be the best for causal events. Anything higher than 4” is for special events and to get a sassier look.

Heel width

The width of the heels are rational to your legs and ankle scale. Thicker legs look best with chunky heels. Slimmer heels best suit lean legs.


Color of wedge shoes will mostly depend on your own color taste and theme of the occasion you are attending, otherwise there’s no conventional way of determining the best color.

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