Practical and functional hat rack

Practical and functional hat rack

Hat rack are used to hang hats, coats and other clothing as well. These are mostly placed near the entrance area of a house so that whoever moves inside the house can hang his hats. These hat rack should be practical in use and can be designed with different patterns. Let us discuss some of the examples of hat rack.


This is the simplest and most commonly used hat rack style which is found I almost every home. Usually this hat rack is mounted behind the back side of door or any wall with a wooden plank. This is the most practical style because hangers are used instead of any other king of hooks.

Animal Theme Hat rack:

This kind of hat rack is best to be placed in a kid’s room. This style is very simple to make by using some small sized toy animals which are attached to the wooden base after cutting them in half and fixing them with the help of glue.

Simple Pallet Style:

Here pallets with different paints are mounted on the wall. Usually 3 to 4 pallets of same sizes are used and some hooks are nailed on it. The colorful pallets arranged at equal distance give an attractive look to the place where these are fixed.

Chevron Style:

This is also a simple but unique and bold style of hat rack. Here a simple wooden plank with colorful zigzag pattern is used to hang the hats on. This wood should be painted with chevron stripes. The sharp contrasting colors will enhance the beauty of this hat rack.

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