Outfit ideas for your flannel shirt

Outfit ideas for your flannel shirt

A flannel shirt can be worn all year round, but they look the best during winter or fall. Plaid shirts, as some people like to call them , are very versatile and offer you a million ways to wear them with other outfits. And dont forget, they are cozy, comfy and under most circumstances inexpensive. Since flannels are one of the most flattering outifts during a cold weather, you definitely can’t afford to miss out on anything about them. You probably do not want to be trapped in a rut of wearing them only with jeans or boots. Flannels offer versatitlity and here are a few ideas to get you going with them.

Layer it under your cardigan

If you have that favorite piece of cardigan you’ve always wanted to put on but do not have a perfect blouse or shirt for it, try it with a flannel. Flannels look amazing worn under a cardigan duirng the cold weather and help you keep warm. Pair it up with your jeans and flat heel shoes for a cute look.

You have an over-size flannel

So you were wondering what outfit would match well with your over-sized flannel. What about wearing it as a cardigan instead on top of your blouse with denim shorts. Flannel shirt looks like a cute perfect layer when worn with denim shorts and a pair of tights.

Accessorizing with a scarf

Accessorize your flannel with a chunky knit scarf paired with a beanie for a chic look and stay warm. For a comfy weekend outfit, you can pair your flannel with a rugged jeans.

These shirts have many other outfit designs you can try out and the best part of it is that they match well with other outfits you choose.

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