No sweat crew neck sweat shirt

No sweat crew neck sweat shirt

Sweat shirt as the name suggests was meant to absorb sweat. It was generally used by athletes prior to and pot workouts. The soft absorbent breathable material made it ideal for wear as it protected the body from sudden change in temperature due to exercising.

Casual wear

Gradually, owing to its comfort and ease of wear, the sweat shirt began to be used as casual attire.  They started wearing the sweat shirt over T-shirts and shirt. This layered look took off to become a standard fashion trend among the young. Over time it was included in the main stream fashion for its versatility.


The sweat shirt which started out as an innocent ordinary looking garment acquired great importance with designers lending a distinctive appearance to it. While maintain the original form they only changed the style of the neck line giving it more variety in terms of looks and usage. The neck lines included round neck, V- neck, crew neck and polo neck. The crew neck and the V-neck versions were given the additional option of a hood.

The crew neck

Of all the neck lines, the crew neck was the most versatile as it lent itself very well to both formal and casual wear. It could on a casual shirt or a dress shirt on slightly chilly days and could be worn with a jacket on cold wintry days. It exuded an air of sophistication.  It added a touch of class to street fashion too.

Material and colors

The crew neck sweat shirts were made of materials like cotton or cotton blended with polyester. They had a soft feel and were highly absorbent. The colors used were generally gray and different hues of gray. Later on blue, red, green and pink were incorporated. Now a days they are also available in various prints to add some fun element to it.

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