My great grandfather’s top hat

My great grandfather’s top hat

My dad is very fond of collecting and preserving heritage items and souvenirs. One such masterpiece is the golden framed picture of my great grandfather wearing top hat looking extraordinarily handsome and charming  in big mustachios.

Trend of top hats

Top hats were the part of formal men clothing in the era of 18th century and continued its utility till mid 20th century. As my great grandfather occupied a respectable position in Bank of England so he frequently used top hat for attending formal meetings and gatherings. Top hats continued disappearing from fashion industry but it is still present in some countries pertinent to special occasion. For example in UK top hats are worn by royal family members at social events and church weddings. Top hats are also worn by the Master of lodge which symbolizes his power, rank and authorities that date back to many centuries. Although it is not mandatory to wear such Masonic hats by the master, the logic behind covering head is that it imparts respect and honor to the position he is been appointed to.

Modern use of top hat

Although it is still part of British uniform of some colleges you will find these hats largely worn by magician these days. If you see any person wearing top hat the first image created in your mind will be that he is definitely a magician. Black top hat is even used by children for performing magician roles in schools and theatres.

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