My 5 tips for purchasing a dress for prom

My 5 tips for purchasing a dress for prom

Ever wondered how to shop prom dresses when the “prom season” is soon coming? No more worries because I am about to give you all the tips to follow to for your prom shopping.


You got to call the store ask for an appointment to get one-on-one service. After seeing you got to try  a couple of dresses and the sales representatives should be able to tell you exactly what type of dress you are looking for and may also guide you on which style is best for you.


You should bring along the undergarments and any hosiery that you will wear the night if prom. This will give you a clear view of how you will look on the great day.


Never go shopping with a big group. I advise you to bring a close friend and ask her for an honest opinion, or you can bring your mom. She always tells the truth.


If you decide to buy a dress on truck sales rather than specially ordering it then it will be cheaper on your side. You may also buy last year models or sample prom dresses.


Most of the prom dresses out there need minor alternations like taking in the sides or shortening the hem. If you really love a dress and it does not fit on you then ask the shop what they could do to adjust it to your size. BUT don’t forget to ask how much it may cost for theses alternations.

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