Mesmerizing mermaid wedding dress

Mesmerizing mermaid wedding dress

A mermaid is a mythical half-human sea being with the trunk of a woman and the tail of a fish, considered to be exquisitely beautiful with long flowing golden tresses. People, especially artists have been fascinated by this mythical being and designers and fashionistas have not been exempt from it.

The mystic mermaid

The mystical nature of the creature has courted the fancy and imagination of the designers who have taken the fashion industry by storm with their awe-inspiring creations resembling the mermaid. On her wedding day, the most important day in a woman’s life, every bride feels mystical about the day and wants to make it the perfect event of her life. The best and the most important place to begin with is the wedding dress.

The exquisite wedding dress

Every woman wants to look special on her wedding day and understandably the wedding dress is given the utmost importance. In an attempt to enhance the mystical feeling the designers (most of them) have resorted to creating a wedding gown emulating the mystical form of the mermaid. The dress is a slim fitting silhouette gown with a narrow fit all the way down to the knees where it suddenly flares out in volume down till the hem and ends in a tail. The dress is extremely exquisitely flattering. The cut and drape of the dress is such that it emphasizes the midsection of the body making it look shapely, curvy and sexy.

These exquisite wedding dresses are made in lace, chiffon or satin to give a regal appearance.

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