Mens vests: the vested interest

Mens vests: the vested interest

The vests are back with a bang and are taking the college crowd by storm. The retro garment best suited for older men, is adding an eye catching quirky twist to the wardrobe of the young urbanite and is becoming extremely popular among the young crowd.

The well fitted vest

However, it will do well to remember that it is all about a good fit and getting it right is of paramount importance. The well fitted vest or the waist coat is long in the front and should cover the waist. It is cut a little higher in the sides and at the back. This may show up a little of the shirt. So it is advisable to wear a well fitted shirt tightly tucked in. a ballooning shirt peeping out at the back looks silly and juvenile. The shoulders should not droop and should lie flat against the body. The bottom button as well as the top button of the vest can be left undone.

How and when to wear a vest

The vests also have lapels lending them a formal look and are best worn with a suit to formal dos. Generally, the color of the vest matches that of the jacket. But, at times the vest can be of a different color as long as it is dark, plain and looks dignified.

Occasions for Men to Wear Vests

The three- piece is generally worn on formal occasions. But, of late, youngsters are pairing the vest with casual attire such as dark jeans or a pair of slacks. All that it requires is to be long enough in front to cover up the waist. And of course needless to say, a well fitted, neatly tucked in dress shirt is an absolute necessity to complete the show stopping, carefully casual look.

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