Mens t shirts: teeing off with the tees

Mens t shirts: teeing off with the tees

The T-shirts originated as an undershirt over a century ago. It got its name from the T-shape formed by their box-like body and the attached sleeves. They were worn as undershirts which covered the entire body and were meant to protect the outer garments from bodily sweat and grime.

The thought about Tees

There are two schools of thought regarding the t-shirts and style. One, which forms a huge majority, believes that a t-shirt is an indispensable part of a man’s a wardrobe and can be appropriate for any occasion. The other, comprising of mostly traditionalists, believes that the t-shirt is the most childish and immature attire which looks sloppy and is best suited for only the beach and the gym.

The versatile Tee

T-shirts are classic and versatile and can be worn on some occasions but not all. The T-shirt was popularized by many movie stars as a standalone outer garment. It became synonymous with masculine cool. Today, there is no occasion that the T-shirt is not worn to except perhaps a wedding of a funeral. Its iconoclastic appeal, coupled with its easy maintenance, comfort and practicality have made an immensely popular garment.

The style

The t-shirt comes in various styles and a well fitting t-shirt can add the extra appeal to a man’s appearance. The most popular is the crew cut, which pairs perfectly well with most trousers and jackets. The V- neck is more suited for shorter men as it added length visually. The plunging “V” neck looks more appealing on women than men and should be avoided. The t-shirt should fit just right without appearing too tight or too loose. They are available in various colours but one cannot go wrong with solid colours like white, navy blue and gray, when paired with khakis or denims.

Attention to details like fit, color, and style, can turn the humble tee into versatile, classic looking attire.

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