Mens shirts a befitting shirt

Mens shirts a befitting shirt

Over the years the shirt has occupied the irreplaceable position in men’s wardrobes. The shirt has constantly kept up with the changing fashion trends to achieve its rightful position. The going has just begun to get tougher with aesthetics overpowering style and functionality. The various aspects that determine the shirts position are the style, fit, suitability etc.

The Proper Fit of a Shirt

The most important and influential part of a shirt is the fit of the shirt. If you want to make a style statement then avoid the “ free size” shirt. Nothing can be sloppier looking than a free sized shirt. The various fits that one could think of are- the classic fit, the slim fit the modern contemporary fit and the extra slim fit. Choose the fit according to personal preferences and comfort levels.

The Shirt Body

The shirt body includes the shirt front, the shirt placket, the shirt back, collar and the shirt cuff. While keeping up with the trends it is important to pay attention to personal taste and preferences.

Shirt Front and back

Most shirts have a plain front with only a chest pocket. It is better use the multiple pocket style for casual shits or safari shirts and stick to the single chest pocket for a classic look.  The back of the shirt is often plain and only sometimes sports pleats or darts if the design demands it.

Shirt Placket and collar

The shirt placket offer various closure alternatives like the traditional placket, the French placket, the fly front placket and the 3/4 placket. Again the choice can vary according to personal preferences. There is a plethora of options for the collar like – spread, button-down, club, classic, tuxedo, Mao and the small collar.

Shirt Cuff Styles

The shirt cuff styles include barrel or French cuff. The former is the everyday buttoned up option while the later offers the use of cufflinks to embellish the shirt.

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