Men’s bomber jackets for a timeless appeal

Men’s bomber jackets for a timeless appeal

The world of fashion changes in an instant. However, there are some clothing’s that took the fashion world by storm when they were introduced and still carry a certain appeal. Men’s bomber jackets are one such clothing item. These jackets were first worn by bomber pilots during World War II. These waist length jackets have turned into a style statement for men and you’ll commonly find the most famous of celebrities wearing them.

Modern Men’s Bomber Jackets

While the bomber jackets issued to bomber pilots were long, the Clothing Board of the Aviation Department of the US are responsible for shortening their length. Once they were launched in the US, UK soon followed suit and their pilots also started sporting bomber jackets. Apart from the plain version, shearling jackets that featured sheepskin lining along with collars that were exposed were also introduced for the pilots.

Modern pilots are still issued with bomber jackets, but they are generally made from synthetic materials.

Bomber Jackets for Commercial Use

As soon as these jackets were issued to the pilots, a large number of men all over the world started buying them from commercial stores or got them designed by fashion designers. From those days, until now, men’s bomber jackets are still in trend and most probably will remain forever. While designers and commercial manufacturers make small changes to them to make them look more attractive, it’s the original bomber jackets that look the best.

If you are looking for a jacket to match up with your stylish personality, bomber jackets can do the job effortlessly.

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