Korean style dressing

Korean style dressing

Different parts of the world have different styles of clothing which became what is now through years of changes and improvements. The dressing style of a country reflects its cultural heritage. In this era of internet, it is very easy to get your hands on almost everything even native garments of another country through online shopping. One of the popular style of clothing available in the global market is Korean. Korean style is clean, neat and very simple when compared to the other types of complicated clothes that are available.


Men in Korea prefer to wear shirts or t-shirts and jeans or pants much like men in any country. But Men here prefer tight fitting or narrow dresses more than saggy dress. Even in the case of shirts, they prefer slim fit which flatters their body shape. Even jackets or coats they wear are slim, preventing them from looking too big. There are various types of jackets that they use and most of them usually have big collars. Men also wear sweater on top of their shirts or t-shirts for attitude.


Women also prefer simple clothing like tops and jeans or pants with overcoats or jackets. Other common clothes worn by women here include frocks, mini-frocks, long gowns, and various other types of dresses that resembles frocks along with leggings. The use of winter clothing’s is also very common in Korean style dressing. These dresses normally have patterns or normal frocks on them. While wearing jeans, tucking them into their boots is also a common sight.

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