Ideas for wearing fur vest

Ideas for wearing fur vest

If you have grabbed your piece of nice fur vest but unsure how to put it on to look elegant, sexy and stylish we are here to guide you. You will hopefully find this article as a styling guide to create exotic style statement.

Cuddle with fur vest

To look stunning in this winters cuddle with your fur vest. Wearing it with long boots and floppy hats will give you a superb and appealing hot look. White jeans or white sweatpants make an ideal combo with white fur vest. Long maxi dresses and fitted leather pants also look great with these vests. Some nice hand bags and clutches serve as an add-on to electrify the sophistication of fur vest. For hair-do flaunting hairs on fur vest or tucked in a messy bun give you messy but charming look. By the way messy look is very much in vogue especially in US.

Detestation of fur products

Although fur products have acquired a reasonable market share but this product is expensive if purchased in original animal fur. Industrialization of fur industry has led to the synthesis of manufacturing fur like synthetic fibers which are much cheaper than original ones. Further people who launched anti fur campaigns also favor artificial fur products. Anti fur campaign was started in back 1980s and 1990s to advocate animal rights. Animal right activist promoted boycotts of such products as animal cutting was a showcase of cruelty. However this topic is still debatable and still fur products are in market.

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