How to wear stirrup pants?

How to wear stirrup pants?

Stirrup pants were quite popular during the 90s. These are more or less like leggings but are quite comfortable. These can be worn with heels or flats to nail the look. Women also pair stirrup leggings with long feminine tunics or with dresses. These can be used like any normal leggings.

Styling stirrup pants

These look great with voluminous sack dresses. These are ideal for wear during winters are these can be tucked into the boots easily. These offer more coverage and are warmer than tights. You need to make sure that you find the dress or tunic of appropriate length. These are available in a plethora of colors and can be paired with dresses for creating the look.

Trends during the 90s

Stirrup leggings which were in trend during the 90s covered a lot of fabric of the foot. These as well cut off near the ankles. Women wore these as pants not with dresses but with shorter tops. These weren’t clingy but were a bit looser when it came to the design. These were quite popular than women wore them almost every day to work. Today, there have been several modifications in the design of the stirrup pants. These are more or less like normal leggings are skinnier. Women wear these usually with long tunics and dresses. Stirrup leggings are back in fashion with quite alterations in the design and the fabric. Earlier the fabrics utilized were quite stretchy to offer comfort to the wearers.

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