How to wash and treat your denim shirt in the right manner

How to wash and treat your denim shirt in the right manner

One of the most important things to when it comes to a denim shirt is how you treat and wash it. Remember that its fabric is different from the other ones and the way you handle it should, therefore, be different from the manner you handle the others. If you wash it well, it will last and look good for as long as you want but if you are careless, then you might not use it for long. Here is the right way to treat and wash it.

Soak In Vinegar

The main thing that you should focus on when cleaning your denim shirt is to keep its color since a slight mistake could make it lose its original color forcing you to buy a new one. Therefore, instead of washing it, soak it in vinegar and cold water. You only have to soak it for an hour then remove and dry it. I hope you do not mind smelling vinegar. With this simple method, you’ll preserve the color of your shirt.

Freeze Your Shirts

You do not need to soak your denim shirts when you have an impromptu date or function. To give it its original lovely denim look, simply freeze it to remove the odors and you’ll have it ready for wearing to that function you wish to attend wearing it. Freezing is a quick way to refresh it, so you still wear it for long before you soak it in vinegar s we said above instead of cleaning.

Now you have the right information on how to handle your shirts. Remember they are not just the other ones but ones special that require care. Treat and wash them in the right manner.

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