How to use old swimwear

How to use old swimwear

Summer is nearing and excitement to grab your favorite swimwear is at its peak. You will find beautiful butterflies wearing some nice and exotic swimwear giggling, enjoying sunbath, and roaming here and there making beaches more beautiful and eclectic.

Redecorate your swimwear

If you have tight budget this year and you cannot afford a hot seductive swimwear, the tension is over. .you can use old swimwear with some modifications. Trust me no one can even imagine that you are wearing the same old swimwear you wore last season. Go fringy! If you want to embellish top of your bandeau then add some nice and cute fringes to look more appealing and exciting. If your old swimwear is in monochromatic theme then you can either use fabric paint or tattoo to add vivacity and vibrancy. If you are gifted with big boobs then you have more treasure to reveal. Cut some curves or style on bikini top and yes you are more seductive now. You can add frills, bows and some more strings on your swimwear to make it super cute.

Other add-ons with swimwear

If you want to be the eye catch on beach and you have managed some really appealing bikini you still need some add-ons to be a perfect beach girl. Sunglasses of course are one of the essential requirements of beach. Not only they enhance beauty but also make you more adorable. Hats whether floppy or chic or even some other kind not only complement your look but also hinder scorching heat.

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