How to spot fake vivienne westwood bags

How to spot fake vivienne westwood bags

Vivienne Westwood bags hit the market in 1970s and became popular instantly. This was and still is because of their high level of creativity and innovation made possible by unique design that incorporates both modern and styles of the past to produce startling bags that are every woman’s favorite.

These bags are creations of Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood, a British fashion designer. She gained a lot of popularity while making clothes for Malcolm McLaren’s boutique along King’s Road in London. Westwood went on to open her own stores in London before expanding throughout the UK and some parts of the world.

Westwood bags have maintained their popularity throughout the years, something that has attracted attention of unscrupulous manufacturers who flood the market with fake reproductions of the same. Below are some of the things you need to look at when shopping for authentic Vivienne Westwood bags.


Although there are many sellers of these bags, not all of them sell authentic Westwood bags. Indeed many sell reproductions. It is important to shop for the bags from authorized sellers who only stock authentic bags.


Authentic Westwood bags feature plates with distinctive writings that differ from writings found on non-authentic bags. An authentic bag should have a plate with the following inscription: Vivienne Westwood London Genuine Leather Made in Italy. The plate can be of golden or silvery. You need to be careful with any bag whose plate features such inscription as “Vivienne Westwood Accessories” or “Vivienne Westwood London”.


Authentic Vivienne Westwood bags do not feature stitches with loose threads. The shape also remains uniform, things that lack in non-authentic Westwood bags.

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