How to shop for black wedge shoes

How to shop for black wedge shoes

Women will perhaps never run short of types of shoes to wear. From pumps to stilettos to wedge to cone heels, the variety makes it almost impossible for on to be satisfied with just a pair or two of shoes. Wedge shoes are a type of high heeled shoe which gives women a variety when it comes to size and shape of the heel. When out buying black wedge shoes, consider the following.


Most women’s heels come in heights of between one to about six inches. The height will dictate the occasions that you will be attending with the heels as well as how comfortable you will be in them. Short heels are ideal for everyday wear while high heels are ideal for only special occasions.


Most women’s shoes are never short of trendy as well as practical designs. You will find styles in tip-toe, espadrilles, as well as closed pump foot. Choose a design that will work well with the outfit that you are planning to wear with the black wedge shoes.

Heel Style

Though the black wedge shoes basically have the heel shaped in form of a wedge, the heel can either be chunky or slim. This will affect how your legs will look when wearing the wedge shoes. A general rule of thumb is to wear chunky heels with thicker legs and slimmer heels with slender legs.


Apart from considering the height which affects the occasions where to wear the wedge will be appropriate, there is one consideration that also affects occasion. This is the type of wedge shoe that you plan to buy. There are two types of wedge shoes, heeled wedge and sandal wedge. Sandal wedges are considered to be far too casual and should not be worn to formal occasions.

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