How to make a perfect selection of waterproof trousers

How to make a perfect selection of waterproof trousers

Waterproof trousers leave you dry and comfortable when in a soggy or wet weather. They are an excellent protection during rainy seasons or in snow hence are extremely beneficial when worn during outdoor activities such as trekking excursions and camping. A combination of these trousers with waterproof jackets offer an ultimate protection from the wet and soggy conditions.

When making a selection, it is worth noting the waterproof capabilities of these trousers and the conditions you are likely to come across.

Waterproof rating

Waterproof ratings can be determined using hydrostatic head test. Water is poured over the fabric through a tall cylinder. The hydrostatic rating of the fabric is then found from the level at which water starts penetrating the fabric during a 24 hour period. Typical waterproof trousers must have a rating of at least 1500mm.

Condition type

On the other hand, if you are likely to encounter very soggy conditions, you opt to go for trousers with a higher waterproof rating.

Breathable rating

This is the permeability of the waterproof fabric to allow escape of tiny water molecules. The waterproof trousers need to have a high breathable rating to make you dry and feel comfortable. Typical ratings start from 1500g and can go up to 5000g. This figures are just the amount of water vapor they can allow to pass through in a period of 24 hours.

Comfort features

Apart from the trousers’ waterproof capability, they also need the typical comfort features of an outdoor activity trouser. They must have adjustable waists, half-leg side zips and mesh lining.

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