How to include duster coat in your summer wardrobe

How to include duster coat in your summer wardrobe

Some of the features that make duster coat a must have include their soft and structured tailoring, relaxed and effortless elegance and fluid and loose silhouettes. They form more than just ideal cover ups. If worn properly, they can enhance your looks and style. They were once a winter wear but with the dynamic fashion trends, they’ve been made available in different types of fabrics such as crepe, silk or cotton to match the tunes.  Nowadays, they are also an essential part of most women’s wardrobes. Here are a few tips on how to make them part of your summer wardrobe.

Look out for the colors

Since dusters are trending today, when you go out to shop for them, try them out in different colors. You can as well experiment with the stunning pastels to obtain a light and breezy feel. You may also play around with dusters containing gorgeous prints. If you opt for the prints, floral prints are the best when you opt for full length coats. No matter the type of outfit you have inside, a full length floral coat will always elevate your style.

Take note of the wide versatility

Duster coat nowadays comes in trendy designs to give it a wide range of versatility. They are available in both street designs and high fashion designs to cater for their versatility. When you pair them with culottes or shorts and a shirt they bring out a refined appeal. Due to the briskly designed silhouettes, dusters can also be worn in an office. Those with beautiful shades may be worn on a night-out event.

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