How to fit a bootcut jeans?

How to fit a bootcut jeans?

Boot cut jeans are designed to basically fit around short as well as tall boots. They are characterised with their tightness in the upper thigh, loose fit in the lower thigh, calf and knee and are usually curved around their hips. They are quite famous amongst women as they make your legs look lean and long when compared to skinny jeans. The following points must be kept in mind while fitting a boot cut jeans:

Be careful of the waist

Any jeans are available in low waist, high raise and mid raise versions.  Low waist boot cut jeans must be opted by people who are slender. They produce a muffin top look is one has hip fat. Mid raise boot cut jeans are the most common type of jeans. They provide coverage and rise just below the belly button. High raise boot cut jeans are for people who are fashionably forward.

Trying out the jeans

If one is buying a denim jean, than buy the one which is a bit tight. However, it should not be difficult to button the jeans. Opt for one size larger if you are not comfortable in the crotch. Wearing the jeans which are tight in the crotch region, can be harmful to women.

Buy the jeans which are 1-2 inches longer than your inseam: As the boot cut style is intended to be worn with boots, buy the jean 1-2 inch higher so that they almost reach the floor.

Opt for tailoring if required

It is better to tailor a jean to your inseam if they are too long rather than to buy short jeans.

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