How to design your own custom shirts?

How to design your own custom shirts?

The latest trend is customizing the design of all the accessories including shirts. The advancement in 3D printing is going to revolutionize the way manufacturing is done. However, custom shirts have taken off even before 3D printing. You can now design and print your own shirt to suit your tastes.

Designing & printing method

You can design and print own shirts by applying transfer and heat source like Iron which fix the image onto the shirt. You can get the sheets of iron online from different companies. You can even get blank sheets to design on your own and print them on your shirt.

Cost of printing

The cost of printing has come down due to advances in printing technology. You can offer printing job to a company who specialize in printing by finding them online. Though costs vary depending on the complication of the design, the tariffs are still comparatively cheaper than earlier. Texts cost lesser than images since they are easier to put them on a shirt.

Choice of colors – You can choose the colours based on the colour of the shirt. The White background is the easiest color for self printing. You can check online for different designs so that you can choose the perfect design for your shirt.


Choose custom shirts since they have now become cheaper to design and print these shirts. It doesn’t take much time, money and effort to custom print your own shirts. Companies can market their products by custom printing for occasions. They can gift them or give it as prizes to their customers and employees.

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