How to care for suede boots?

How to care for suede boots?

Suede boots are quite versatile and can be in a variety of looks and styles. Boots require proper care and one must ensure that they take proper care of their boots so that these can be used for quite a long time. Here are few things that you can follow to prolong the life of your suede boots.

You need to seal the suede

This can be done by using a protective spray that is easily available in a lot of stores. You just need to offer a thin application of the sealant and this will make sure that your boots repel of the dust. Sealing the suede will also inhibit the boots from getting stained.

Permit the suede to breathe

Most of the footwear can be easily stored in containers made of plastic. This is not the case with suede boots. They have to be exposed to air. Whenever you are storing the boots within closets, you need to make sure that you store them in pillowcases made of cotton. This will permit the circulation of air and also prevents the accumulation of dust.

Keep cornmeal or talcum powder handy

During any event where you spill liquid on the boots, you need to make sure that you dry the area with the use of a clean cloth and must immediately layer the area with talcum powder or cornmeal. Let it settle for an overnight. You can then make use of a suede brush in order to remove the powder gently.

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