How to be comfortable in your party shoes?

How to be comfortable in your party shoes?

Party shoes can never let you down during the party season whether you opt for pom-poms or glitter footwear. These are must to be included in the wardrobe to complement your party outfit. Fashionable party shoes can never let you down when you are hitting any party with your friends, colleagues or family. Here is a little guide that you can follow to pick appropriate party heels for any party that you wish to attend.

Look for the comfort factor

You need to look for comfort when you are planning to attend a cocktail party which involves standing for a longer stretch of time. In such cases you need to stick to heels that fall in 3-4 inch range. The way the heel has been angled and the pitch as well plays a key role in determining the comfort. You need to look beyond the height.

Additional tips for comfort

Opt for heels that come with strategic straps. These offer comfort. You can also opt for wide elastic straps. Look for heels that come with inner soles that are padded. You can consider adding gel-pads to your heels to prevent the balls of the feet from sliding and also to prevent the weird sensation that you get after standing for too long in heels. Keep experimenting with the styles and pick the appropriate heels to add to your party collection. Make sure you walk around in the heels before you plan to have them in your collection. If you are comfortable while walking in them, then you can have them.

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