Grandad shirts or grandfather shirt

Grandad shirts or grandfather shirt

Flannel is a very soft fabric which is often woven. It comes in various finest levels. It was traditionally made from carded wool but now it can also be manufactured in wool cotton or synthetic fabric. Flannel is largely used in manufacturing of grandfather shirt which is another name of grandad shirts. These shirts can also be in brushed cotton material these are the most popular in Ireland and are mostly without colors. These shirts were also in use during industrialization by working people of England.

Other fabric

Irish linen can also be used as an alternative fabric for the manufacturing of grandad shirts however the resultant shirt produced is called as Sunday shirt.

Basic features

The basic features of grandad shirt include three to four buttons. It is the without collar. It can be in flannel, cotton or linen. Some prevailing grandad shirts are heritage special vintage grandad shirts, cotton grandad shirts, Irish collarless grandad shirts, stripe flannel shirt. While buying grandad shirt you have the option to choose among 100%cotton, 55%linen, 45%cotton. You can use these shirts for casual, comfy and cozy wearing. Grandad shirts come in variety of colors and sizes. Depending upon the measurement you can have this shirt in small medium large and extra large sizes. You can also have this shirts and different colors. Cool colors perfectly complement the summer season. Grandad shirts can also be gifted on special occasions. These shirts serve a great purpose of utility and nice clothing

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