Gold shoes for my girl

Gold shoes for my girl

Yesterday I have been to the market to shop for the Christmas event. The whole streets of New York were covered with white snow. The roads and shops were lit up with heavy lightings. Happiness was in the air. I found many children giggling and laughing while seeing the Christmas preparations.

Christmas gift

Although I was out in the market to buy Christmas tree and other items pertaining to the event but suddenly I came across the gold shoes. I was so delighted to see the little gold shoes that I immediately decided to buy a pair of gold shoes for my younger daughter as a Christmas gift.

Styles in gold shoes

On arriving in the shop I came to know that the variety of gold shoes is immense. It is available in ladies, gents and kids section. Sneakers, flats, pumps, high heels, low heels, boots, wedges, Cupid almost all kind of styles were present in gold shoes. The pair of shoes I bought was flat since my girl is tall and her height is sufficient enough. The gold shoes carried a floral pattern on it which enhances the beauty enormously. I got the shoes packed and waited for the Christmas to arrive. At last the big day arrived and all my kids were damn impatient to see their gifts. When my younger girl unpacked her gift she was mesmerized and delighted to see the sparkling gold shoes. These shoes will be perfect for her prom night too.

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