Gold heels for my wedding day

Gold heels for my wedding day

The every accessory of the bride is subject to find details. This include wedding gown, jewelry heels and of course last but not least the makeup. My wedding is due in April and I have decided to equip my wedding dress with gold heels. I want to create a mesmerizing effect on the whole audience and for this purpose I want my each and every embellishment to be adorned with charm.

Unique style

Markets are flooded with immense variety of Gold heels.  Cupid, Liliana, pumps, wedges, high heels, mid heels and flats are readily available in US. As I am short heighted so I would prefer long high heels which not only give me an upright posture but will also give elegance to my walk. I am still uncertain about style and design for gold heels. Stilettos can be a good option too. I need such a pair of heels which perfectly goes with my wedding dress. I want it to be garnished by some extraordinary add-ons.

Style statement

Since my childhood I have been very conscious about my appearance and style. I want to create my own style statement. So I am very demanding about gold heels too. Budget is not an issue. I have surveyed online markets and came to know that it will cost me around $1500-2000 to buy a nice pair of wedding gold heels. Some designers are also showcasing their new ranges of heels so I hope I will surely be able to get my desired gold heels there.

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