French fashion industry

French fashion industry

Fashion these days owe their existence to French fashion industry. The top brands of perfumes and clothing are the pride of France. French fashion industry is among the leading fashion industries in the world and generate huge revenues for the country. French are renowned for their outstanding tastes and great aesthetics. While discussing French fashion two terms prêt a porter and haute couture needs to be discussed.

Prêt a porter

Till 19th century women were available with limited suiting option. Fashion was not industrialized and most dresses were customized according to figure size. They were mostly hand sewn. Changing fashion trends were however affordable by high class but middle and low class kept updated with modern trends by altering their current clothing. Additions and deletions were made to upgrade their dresses. Later on in 20th century standardized clothing was introduced in market to be available to masses. Industries manufactured dresses according to standard sizes so little or no alteration was required. This mass production was not only less time consuming but also less expensive.

Haute couture

On the contrary to prêt a porter haute couture involves exclusive hand work from start to finish. It is in fact high end dressmaking or high end sewing. Haute couture was the once signature style statement of elite class since it incorporates unusual and fancy fabric, finest sewers and hand oriented techniques. Quality, thin details and matchlessness are the forte of haute couture. It is much time consuming than ready to wear clothing.

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