Fair isle sweater for winter

Fair isle sweater for winter

Fair Isle sweater is knitted in a traditional knitting technique where two or three colors are used to create patterns. The pattern has come from Fair Isles Scotland. It has complex origins and influence of traditional patterns of the Fair Isles. Each pattern is unique. Fair Isle sweater is individually designed and knitted to give it the best fit.  100 % Shetland wool which is organic and non organic is used for the purpose. It is carefully finished, separately washed and dried on a Woollie horse. These sweaters are knitted in fashionable inter weaving pattern which is based on heritage. Cables, Cobbles  and stitch  pattern make these sweaters very  popular.

The Benefits of Fair Isle Sweater

There is only one place this knitwear is knitted it is Fair Isle. These Fair Isle sweaters are very popular with their unique knitted designs. The workforce in Fair Isle knits them and they are provided all over. These sweaters are tightly fitted and adapt well without requiring tailoring such as troughs, flashes and stabs. When shaping is required it is weaved into the fabric itself. The vibrant colors and bold patterns are unique for chilly weather.

Fair Isle a Part of Heritage

Fair Isle sweater Knitting project is set to ensure that the making of these sweaters is carried on. It works to create financial assistance for future generations to carry on the trade.               66% of the retail price is paid as orders are placed. The art is typical of Shetlands consisting of long staple wool yarns processed in Shetland. There are two colors in each row forming intricate patterns of peeries,  borders , waves and peaks. This workmanship is passed from generation to generation with the beautiful colored yarns of Shetland and deserves appreciation.

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