Embellished maxi dress for all body types

Embellished maxi dress for all body types

A maxi dress is one type of dress that fits any type of occasion whether it’s an outdoor summer wedding or a barbecue. Some women think that they cannot pull off the kind of look that these dresses give. Well, it might be true to some extent since floor-length dresses look attractive on tall and slender body types. However, the bare truth is that the market is privileged with different types of maxi dresses to fit any type of body.

Since there are plenty of dresses to match any body type in the market, an embellished maxi dress now makes it even much easier for any body type to obtain that magnificent look. Through learning about the different types of maxi dresses available in the market, you can make a smart choice when shopping for a maxi dress that best fits you.  Here are a number of tips to finding maxi dresses matching different body types.

Curvy bodies

If you have that curvy shape, rejoice as there are maxi dresses that exposes your curves in a natural way. However, if you have a full figure, you should avoid the skinny straps or any other detail that can attract attention, such as sequins on the tummy region.

Petite bodies

Most petite bodied women avoid maxis like plague, but that shouldn’t be a reason for you to believe that there are no maxi for your body type. Perhaps you could get a height boost with high heels or get maxi with a high waistline and embellishments on top.

Pear shaped bodies

Maxi dresses usually emphasize certain features which might be a problem for women with larger hips. For a pear shaped body, you can put on an embellished maxi dress where the embellishment is on top so as to draw attention away from the bottom part.

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