Elements of a beautiful and high-quality field jacket

Elements of a beautiful and high-quality field jacket

Like any other piece of outdoor clothing, a field jacket needs to have particular quality factors that distinguish it from the others especially those we wear for indoor activities. Different people look at different features but for a real, high-quality jacket here are the elements to check if you want a beautiful, durable one.

Waterproof Outer Shell

An ideal field jacket should have a waterproof outer shell to offer you protection from sleet, snow and of course, rain. Field work is highly affected by weather changes and if you are one of those people who work in the field the chances are that apart from being exposed to the sun, you also risk being rained on while working. For maximum protection, you need to have a jacket that’s waterproof or call it weatherproof if you like. With it, you can be sure that your skin is safe from weather conditions that have adverse effects on our skins.


Synthetic fibers and down feathers are the two common types of insulation you’ll find in most jackets. No matter the type, the purpose they serve is one. They all help keep you warm by trapping your body heat from escaping. However, you should know that the thicker the insulation, the warmer you’ll feel. So when you get out there looking for a field jacket, check the insulation that will keep you warm.

If you get a jacket with good outer shell and insulation, you’ll always have nothing to worry when you are out there doing your activities.

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