Elegant high neck blouse for saree

Elegant high neck blouse for saree

Saree is an elegant eastern dress which becomes more charming when worn with high neck blouse. These high waist blouse are designed with both long sleeves as well as short and sometimes sleeveless style also goes good with these high neck saree blouses.

Specific Style of High Neck Blouse:

While making a decision of wearing a high neck blouse with a saree, one should be aware of the fact that these blouse look perfect with those who have a long and well defined neck because ladies with a short neck will not look smart in high necks. These high neck blouse look perfect with silky embellished sarees.

Moreover, the high neck blouse look stunning with net, georgettes and chiffon sarees. Mostly these blouse are designed with heavy embroideries and embellishments. It is suggested that with these high neck blouse, heavy jewelry should not be worn as these blouses are already quite ornamental because of their embellishments.

Collared High Neck Blouse:

This style is followed in designer’s sarees and they give a classy look to the one wearing it. High quality fabric is used to design these sarees and mostly the collar of these high neck blouses are attributed with silver or gold embroidery. Usually, raw silk and banarsi silk is used to design these high neck blouse. Some of the latest styles are designed with a back side opening which is supported with a zip or buttons.

Choose the best saree for any formal occasion with high neck blouse and make your day awesome with stunning looks.

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