Creating style statement with trench coats

Creating style statement with trench coats

If you want to create hot chic look in spring then you must try trench coats. When weather is swinging between breezy to rainy trench coats are a must wearing clothing. It is always a good idea to keep a nice trench coat in your wardrobe. You can spice up your look by using different trench coats.

Creating is your own signature look

If style is your forte but still you want to be cozy and comfy then try trench coats with printed tights. Floral patterned tights with monochromatic trench coats give you a classy hot and stylo look. If you are obese and fall in the category of plus size woman then you need to work on a little extra in carrying a trench coat. Using vertical striped shirt can make a good combo with trench coats. Also using nice accessories like a hand bag or some nice muffler will bring versatility to your look.

Showcasing figure

Although the main aim of trench coats was to give protection from breezy and rainy weather but trench coat can be tweaked for using some revealing look. If you have some nice designer outfit keep the buttons of coat open and keep the waist line ted with a belt. If you have lean legs you can reveal much of your body with shorts and some nice shirts keeping coat open. If you want to create baggy look a kind of boho chic look add layers to your dressing. Wearing blazer below trench coat can give you boho look.

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