Cowgirl hat-the crowning glory

Cowgirl hat-the crowning glory

There is not much of a difference between the cowboy hat and the cowgirl hat. Only the cowgirl hat sports embellishments for that feminine touch. Girls are catching up with the boys in every aspect so why leave out the cowboy hat? The girls started sporting the “male” accessory and gave it a more attractive and appealing appearance.

The distinct fit and shape

These hats are supposed to fit like a comfortable hug round your head. If it is loose it might fly off and the shape should be in accordance to the requirement of the fit. There are many shapes available- round, oval, round oval and long oval. These shapes are according to the general shape of a person’s head. The shape and fit of the hat should be chosen according to the shape of your head and the way the hat sits on your head.


The cowboy hat is usually made of felt which is obtained from beaver fur. Apart from the felt, these hats are also made from straw and palm leaf. The straw hats provide good ventilation which is much needed during the hotter months and they are light weight too. The palm leaf hats are longer lasting although they sit a bit uncomfortably during the hot season. Other materials like jute, synthetic fiber (Shantung), Agave fiber etc are also used to make these hats. Of all these the felt hats are considered to be of the highest quality


The felt hats are usually colored black, while the straw and the other fibers use colors ranging from the woody hues to white. The cow boy hats are generally colored with neutral shades but, cowgirl hats have a variety of options in colors.


The cowgirl hats go all out with the bling – literally anything goes! The brim of the hat   can be embellished with tribal patterns or some glittering jewels, crystals, sequins, ribbons etc. the possibilities are endless. You only require a very active and creative imagination to give your hat a touch of pizzazz.

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