Corduroy pants – tips for styling with them

Corduroy pants – tips for styling with them

Corduroy is unique textile which is named from the distinctive pattern that it forms in the form of cords. These cords are called wales. The thickness of the wales define the way one should wear these pants. These corduroy pants are a collection which are part of the casual wear, typically for men. The textile is also used to make blazers with this textile. It’s easy to confuse these pants with jeans considering the thickness of the material that they are stitched in, however, that’s not the case. Here are some styling tips for using the corduroy pants.

Thickness of the Wales

The thickness of the wales in the corduroy pants defines the kind of styling one should follow. This also depends on the size of the person wearing these pants. It’s suggested that thicker the wale, the more casual should be the choice of wear. Again as a rule of thumb, the size of the person wearing the pants matters, as for a person of big size, the wales are more prominent and the pant portrays to have more volume.

Shirts and Sweaters

The best way to wear the corduroy pants is to wear them with shirts and sweaters. Being a thick fabric they are best suited for winter, and hence form a perfect combo with shirts and especially sweaters.


One of the best features of these pants is their versatility in terms of being used with great accessories, especially when it comes to selecting the right belts and shoes to go with them. Being the natural brown color that they have, combining them together with the rugged brown leather shoes or boots and leather strapped watch would complete the perfect winter look.

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