Comfortable shoes for women – different types

Comfortable shoes for women – different types

Shoes are important accessory for both men and women, to complete their fashion style. When we come to women, the range of options for shoes are quite a lot. However, this is not the major factor here. The difficulty for a woman is to find the shoes which are comfortable for her. Comfortable shoes for women are quite necessary from the health perspective. We see women complaining about the leg pain and some even develop blisters due to the wrong shoes.

Let’s get into their assortment of shoes, to see which the comfortable ones are.


In terms of comfort level these are the most preferred. They maintain the form factor of the feet, giving perfect balance for the body at all times, while maintaining the center of gravity a lower point, thereby resulting in lesser accidents. They are mostly for casual wear.


Sneakers are the best shoes for sports for women. Again they maintain the flat form factor with some cushions which work great while doing some work outs or sports.


Mules and clogs have a very small heel, but with a broader base. They are almost like flats in all terms of providing balance and results in lower accidents.


The best winter wear shoes for women. Mostly the boots come with a small broad heel and have a similar form factor as that of the flats.

In terms of comfortable shoes for women, these shoes mentioned here are the best. Other types of shoes include heels, pumps, sandals and booties. These shoes have two versions, some with small broader heels, which could be comfortable, however, most come with big thin heels, which generally needs some practice and getting used to, before starting to wear them, but could result in a lot of discomfort.

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